Afaris is a young boy who was born in an utopic world called Aora, where hunger, thirst, pain and sorrow are just legends coming from other worlds. Having a powerful bond with the planets energy, Aorians became gods, rising high above any other life form in the universe. 

But this Aorian paradise is about to end, as Saraf, leader of the Aorians and the father of Afaris had a vision of war between Aorians and Nymphs, the intelligent species of huge birds that roam the skies of Aora. Even though Saraf knows that his visions cannot be avoided, he tries his best to avoid it, launching a diplomatic campaign with his best friend, Akdarosif, leader of the Nymph kingdom.

At the same time, he prepares his people for the worst, especially Afaris, with whom he starts a special training, meant to develop his fighting skills beyond imagination. His son quickly evolves from a young and innocent teenager, into a deadly weapon.

As Saraf predicted, the war starts, but not as anyone ever expected. Not from mistakes in diplomatic relationships, but because of a new dark energy that bursts out on Aora from strange energy pits. Both Aorians and Nymphs that get caught by the mysterious energy become corrupted and insane, seeking the blood of anyone whom they come across.

Under the influence of this dark energy, Aora quickly turns from paradise into hell. The future of both Aorians and Nymphs is at risk and Afaris is the key to their salvation. 

In the book you will find three types of puzzle pieces that are hidden in the story itself:

Type 1

These puzzle pieces will help you understand the story by giving you clues regarding the plot you are about to experience in the current book.

Type 2

They give you clues regarding where the story will lead you in the next books or are meant to form a bigger plot in an incoming book.

Type 3

These are scattered all over the 10 books of the Afaris series and will reveal a much bigger picture at the end of book 10.

If you read the books just as they are, without a doubt that you will experience an incredible story with a grand ending, but if on the way you find all the puzzle pieces and put them in the right order, you will find the secret ending. Now I will not tell you how many puzzle pieces there are in each book or where they are, but I can tell you that they are hidden in the story. Whenever a conversation leaves a bit of mystery or the description makes you think about something else, then you might have found a puzzle piece.

Most of the time they are obvious, but some of them are well hidden. Good luck and happy hunting!


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