Read the books, solve the puzzle, find the secret ending

Have you ever solved a puzzle? You know, put all those small pieces together, each one in the correct spot so that you reveal the bigger picture? I am sure you have. But have you ever solved a puzzle whose pieces are hidden in the lines of a book? If not, then this is your perfect chance to try it.

Afaris is a series of 10 books and each book has inside three types of puzzle pieces that are hidden between the lines.

The first type of puzzle pieces reveals clues to the plot that you are about to experience in your current book, helping you understand it better.

The second type of puzzle pieces are scattered over more than just one book and are part of a much bigger plot. They can also help you figure out in which direction the story is going.

And the third puzzle pieces can be found in the entire series and will lead you to a different ending. If you read the book just as it is, you will be part of a long and exciting journey, but if on your way you manage to find all the puzzle pieces and put them together in the correct way, then the ending of the 10th book will have a different meaning for you.

I will not tell you where the puzzle pieces are hidden or how many there are in each book, you will have to find out for yourself. But I will tell you that they can be found in the story itself. When a description or a conversation between two characters leaves a bit of mystery, it might hide a puzzle piece.

If you have problems solving the puzzles, ask a friend for help and work together. Every journey is better when you are with a friend.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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