how I became a writer- the idea

How I became a writer (1) – The idea

I learned how to read and write at the age of seven when I was in school. Despite the fact that I hated school and learning in general, soon I developed a passion for books. Starting with my eight year of life I began to read most of the time and all types of books, from novels and poetry to encyclopedias. Most of the hours in class I was sitting in the back and reading my books. Got many times in detention for this and guess what I was doing there? Exactly, I continued to read my books. The first series of books that I fell in love with was, of course, Harry Potter.

Besides books, I had another passion: movies. My parents would always take me to the cinema to see the newest releases. Sometimes even 5 times per week. My passion for books and movies proved useful in my writing career as they gave me lots of inspiration and ideas. But they are not the reason I became a writer. The reason is my imagination. Every story I read, heard or saw on the screen was just not good enough. I always took the story and rearrange it in my mind, modify it to my taste. Sometimes I could spend hours in a corner staring blankly at a wall and reconstructing in my mind the last story I encountered.

One day I got out from a movie and I remember that I was extremely disappointed. The movie sucked. I can’t remember what movie I saw, but I remember that in that day, from that disappointment, an idea was born. I told to myself: why bother to search for the perfect story in cinemas and books when I can make my own? I was eight or nine years old back then.

The first thing i did was to choose a name for my main character, and thus Afaris was born. For the next year, i carried Afaris with me in every thought, placing him in every situation that i encountered, both in books and in real life, forming his character, developing his own personality. Every book that I read, every story had one more character in it and that was Afaris. So out of place but still so perfectly merged. But even though this gave me great excitement, Afaris started to detach from all known worlds and migrate to a completely new one, his world. I started to create fictional situations for him. Somewhere boring, so i never remembered them, but some were very exciting, so I kept on thinking about them, about the plot, reliving the situation in my mind over and over until it became perfect. Some of the situations can be found in the story that I wrote 15 years later.

At the age of nine, if I recall correctly, I decided that it is time to write down Afaris. I sat down on the couch with my laptop and opened the word document. Two hours later I wrote down the first sentence. Another two hours later and I had half a page. Then I quit. It was impossible, the story was so complex I didn’t even know where to start, how to explain it, how to narrate it from one point to another. In my mind, all the actions took place at once, so how could I describe them in a straight line, from the beginning to the end, when all things were connected, one event from today with an event from one thousand years from now?

On that day I gave up writing. It was too hard for me (i was nine, what was I expecting). But my passion for movies and books remained and I continued to carry Afaris in my mind ever since.

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