Month: April 2018

Characters & History of Afaris 4: The hidden forest

It is hard to talk about this place without giving any spoilers, that’s why I will keep its location secret. This is the Secret Forest, a portal between Aora and […]

Characters & History of Afaris 3: Afaris

Afaris is the last son of Saraf and Calis and the main character in the story. Even though at first sight there is nothing special about him, throughout the story […]

Characters & History of Afaris 2: Saraf

Saraf is the first child of Aora, born out of the planet itself, leader of the Aorians, Father of all Aorians and the father of Afaris. He is intelligent, charming, […]

How I became a writer (5) – Fail and success

Everything was finally ready in January 2018. The website: all the pages, all the plugins, all the pictures, a few articles to start with, the Paypal integration, the order processing, […]

Characters & History of Afaris 1: Hathim

Hathim is by far the most mysterious character in the Afaris world so far. We have little information about him… or it, we do not know what exactly is he, […]

How I became a writer (4) – Hopes and dreams

As I finished reading Afaris, I realized that the story had huge potential. The story could be a masterpiece, best there ever was, but in the small country of Romania, […]