Characters & History of Afaris 1: Hathim

Hathim is by far the most mysterious character in the Afaris world so far. We have little information about him… or it, we do not know what exactly is he, if he is a god or just a powerful creature, if he comes from this world or another, but the things we know give us shivers. He is seen throughout the story in different places and under different forms. He actually appears in Sarafs Profecy, right at the beginning, but his looks are always changing, like a shadow, sitting behind every move, waiting… We know that his powers are pouring over Aora, influencing every soul on the planet, corrupting the weakest, making them lose their minds and transforming them into vicious criminals. But the way he acts proves that he is more than just a maleficent force, he has a plan, a goal, he is after something. Even though the most logical explanation would be that he is after the energetic power of Aora, he seems to care more about Afaris than anything else. What exactly is his goal, this remains a mystery, but one thing is sure: nothing stands in his path. His powers are unmatchable, his army is beyond any other and his presence gives you two options: run or die!

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