Characters & History of Afaris 2: Saraf

Saraf is the first child of Aora, born out of the planet itself, leader of the Aorians, Father of all Aorians and the father of Afaris. He is intelligent, charming, powerful, but also a very interesting character. Although he talks little of his past, we know that he is the only Aorian that ever left the planet and that he gathered lots of experience and tales in his journeys through the universe, but unfortunately, he talks very little about them. He even said that the reason he did not talk about his adventures outside of Aora is that the universe is a very dangerous place and that he did not want to bring home any poisonous thoughts from other civilizations. But despite his secretive nature and the constant state of distress and anxiety, he proves to be a very respected and admired creature. Through the story, his combat skills prove that he is indeed the strongest Aorian, that nothing matches him. His diplomatic skills and the bonds that he forged through time with Aorians, Nymphs and other creatures through the universe proved that he is, without a doubt, a born leader. But above all, he is a great father and a mentor for Afaris. Perhaps the only thing we desire more about him is to find out about his past, about his adventures in the universe. Luckily for us, the story is far from over and we might get the chance to find out more.

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