Characters & History of Afaris 3: Afaris

Afaris is the last son of Saraf and Calis and the main character in the story. Even though at first sight there is nothing special about him, throughout the story his personality changes a lot. If at first, he was a fragile boy barely able to control his powers, in the end, he becomes a leader, a warrior. But the price he paid for these attributes can be seen in his eyes filled with sorrow. He learned what it feels like to lose someone that he loved, he learned what fear truly is, how it can grab and hold you down, he learned what it means to fall, he learned that only through his inner strength he could overcome his challenges. Perhaps Afaris is the most inspiring character in the story. Even though his powers are god-like from our point of view, his determination is what made us admire him the most. He never backed down, never panicked, never spent a moment mourning the things he has lost, always moving forward and always putting the future of Aora before his own good. What I find extremely ironic is that this warrior, this leader was born out of a child that never knew more than peace and love.

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