How I became a writer (6) – We have a go

From the moment an author starts writing, he starts dreaming of certain milestones: writing the last chapter, first fan etc. Last week I managed to reach a milestone that I have been working for many months: the official launch of Afaris in Romania.

First, there was a smaller event in Brasov, at a library called St.O.Iosif. Not more than 30 people came and it was perfect. This was the first time for me that I held such an event, first time I had to hold a speech in front of other people and since two local televisions came, first time I had to speak in front of the camera. So this was a perfect start for my career as a public author. I got the chance to observe myself, notice my flaws and mistakes and if I screwed up, ehh at least I didn’t make myself a fool in front of a large audience.

Was I nervous? Ironically, no, not at all. I consumed most of my energy before the event, planning, working, having tens of meeting and phone calls that when the long-awaited day finally came, I had nothing left but calm and good vibes. Having worked so hard for this I came to realize that what happens happens. Best I can do Is to be relaxed and to try to make the most out of it by just being there, present and myself.

Turned out to be a very pleasant event. All went smooth, had some jokes, signed some books, met a few new people and to my very big surprise, everyone agreed that I speak very good in front of an audience and in front of the cameras. And this was just the start.

A week later, the big event came: the official launch of Afaris at a big library in Bucharest called Humanitas Kretzulescu. Over 100 people came, friends, family, strangers, and people I least expected to come. Regarding this event there are (X) things I want to say:

First: I am very lucky to have a girlfriend like Maria. She has tons of experience with event managing and she took care of everything. During the event, while I was chatting with people I could see her running around the place like Road Runner, making sure everything is set and in order. She basically took all the stress upon her, allowing me to relax and enjoy the moment.

Second: an event such as this can be very surprising. Close friends that you expect to come, fail to show up for various reasons. And people that you least expect come to you and ask for an autograph. Even though I had many such surprises, one truly shocked me. While I was at the table giving autographs, a stranger came to me with a book. I asked his name to write it down and he said: “Just write: For Titu Maiorescu, Law University.” I looked at him surprised. It was the name of the university I had just graduated last year, but never saw that man in my life. He looked at me and asked: “You don’t know who I am, don’t you?”. I nodded and then he leaned down next to my ear: “I am the president of the university you just graduated.”

Third: one of the national televisions, TVR 1, came to the event. They asked first for an interview and said that they won’t stay long, but to my surprise they stayed till the end. The event must have been better than they anticipated. Nonetheless, this was a huge achievement for a debutant author.

Forth: another unexpected person came to the event: the director of one of the biggest private hospitals in Romania, called Medlife. She made a public announcement that Medlife will support Afaris by buying 100 books that will be offered to the children currently being treated at the hospitals.

All in one, the event exceeded all my expectations. Had the pleasure to see again long lost friends and high school colleagues, met many new people and strengthened my faith in both myself and Afaris. Even though Afaris was made public more than a year ago, on that day I felt that my work finally got wings.

PS: you can see more pictures from the event on the Facebook page. 😉

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