How I became a writer (7) – Another year, another book

At the very start of this year, I laid my pen down once more and smiled with satisfaction and pride after writing the last chapter of the second book of the Afaris series. It took me one year and a half to complete it, three times more than the first book and it was indeed a much bigger challenge because:

– While I was writing this book I also had to take care of the first book. I read the first book around 10 times while it was undergoing through editing and proofreading and this was very stressful. I wanted to make sure it reaches the highest quality standard that it can and it was very hard to concentrate on writing the second book while the first book was not entirely ready yet. Besides the editing, there was the official launch event, several interviews and a lot of other things to take care like the cover, the paperback printing, distribution, publisher negotiations, and the list goes on and on and on… If I look back, I finished all that had to be dun with Afaris: Shadows on Aora at the beginning of September 2018 and that s when I redirected my attention to the second book, so I can proudly say that in the past 4 months I wrote 80% of the second book, personal editing and spellcheck included. Hey… that’s not bad! More so as the second book is a hundred pages longer than the first one.

– Apart from the stress caused by the first book, the second one had to reach some self-imposed standards: it had to be better than the first one. And ohh boy, we have to admit that these are some very high targets since Shadows on Aora, from my point of view, is almost perfect. One thing that the first book has and that I will never be able to beat is the thrill of the start. You know how critics say about most fantasy series in the world that the first book is way better than any other book in the series (ex: Dune, Eragon etc.)? That’s because no other book in the series can reproduce the feeling of entering and discovering a new world. But even so, I think I made it quite close to that since the second book is set in an entirely new world. Most of the characters are new, most of the places unique, very different from Aora. Thus, even though the story is centered around Afaris, everything else is a totally new adventure. While Afaris, I don’t want to give any insides of the book yet, but let’s just say that he also changed… a lot!

– To reach my target I had to overcome another huge challenge. Aora was without a doubt an utopia. Even I as the writer when I read paragraphs of the first book, just knowing that the action takes place on Aora, that small planet where all our daemons cease to exist, gives me a feeling of euphoria. Since I am the first to read the second book and I am, without a doubt, my biggest critic, I can already tell you that we will miss Aora through every page of the book… or at least till the end of it (ain’t giving you any spoilers, haha!).

So, did I manage to beat Shadows on Aora and myself? Is the second book better than the first? Honestly, I don’t know. the books are very different from each other, while the first one is a beautiful journey through an utopic world that ends in disaster, the second one is a more psychological journey in a world of metal. Afaris faces more difficult challenges, makes new friends and discovers the universe, as the action takes place on several planets. But what makes me believe that this book is better than the first one is the ending, a certain point, a simple phrase spoken by one of the characters and what came after it, a moment so powerful that it marks the entire book. When I think of the first book, I think of the utopic world of Aora, while when I think of the second one, I think of this precise moment and that’s why I simply cannot tell which one is better. Guess I’ll let you decide that.

Anyway, I bet you want to know more about the book. Have no fear, soon you will hold it in your own hands and even sooner I will post a short description of the story, maybe even a blurb.

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