How I became a writer (8) – Writer’s block

Write’s block, writer’s block, every writer fearing the writer’s block…

The only time I had this problem was at the start of Afaris: Shadows on Aora. Why didn’t I encounter this problem after that, even though I wrote 800+ pages? because I found the secret on how to overpass this minor problem.

Basically, writer’s block means that you don’t know what to write next, how to write it or even if you manage to write something, you feel that it’s lame. So here is how to beat this “writer’s disease” in three simple steps. Number one will blow your mind! (couldn’t help myself lol

One: Write like an idiot

That’s right, all you have to do is write like an idiot, whatever crosses your mind. It does not matter that it is not good, it does not matter that you hate yourself for what you laid on the paper, it is important that you write something. Personal tip: get miserably drunk before you do it because it gives you that courage to do it, just like when you get drunk in the club and make your move on that hot girl and even though you might end up puking on her dress, at least you tried.

Two: Read like a critic

When the hangover is gone, read your work as if it was not yours. You are a top class critic with millions of followers reading and making fun of what an idiot wrote and ask yourself: how could I have written this better? Take our time, a few hours, even days thinking about that piece of garbage that you just read and on how you can make it better. The point of these two steps is that they give you a head start. You no longer have nothing on your paper, but something to start from, something that you can better. You have an idea on what to write and how not to write it and this brings us to the final step.

Three: Write like a pro

After you finish analyzing and contemplating your past miserable pages, start writing again and without a doubt, they will be better than your first try, maybe even perfect (for me it’s almost always perfect).

If you think that it is still not good enough, then repeat step 2 & 3.

Good luck!

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