My Last Dream

I went to sleep last night and I started to dream. You know how it goes, places you’ve never been, people you never saw, conversations that are quickly forgotten. But at one point I landed on a beach. It was sunny and hot, the sun was slightly burning my naked feet. The beach was empty, no people, no chairs, no towels, nothing. It looked like a hidden land that the tourists haven’t found yet. In the water was a woman in a swimsuit and snorkeling gear on her face.

She was slowly coming towards me. She took her gear off her face and I quickly realized that she was my girlfriend. I came to her smiling and we hugged. I was very happy to see her since we haven’t seen each other for some time. She asked if I wanted to go in the water with her and I agreed, even though I never enjoyed sitting in the sun.

We went for a swim, did a bit of snorkeling and after we finished swimming with the fish we came back where we could stand on our feet and we started playing. Just like we did when we were younger. I took her by the feet and threw her into the water. She grabbed sand from the bottom of the sea and threw it at me like snowballs. We started tickling each other, wrestling in the waves until we got so tired we could barely walk.

So we decided to get out of the sea. On the sand, in front of us, there were two sunbeds and a table in between. After we lied down on them exhausted, a weird butler came. He was dressed in a white long coat, like the ones you see in movies about Indian spiritual guides. He brought us two beverages and left. We sat there for some time, I don’t even remember what we talked about, but I guess it was about everything.

The sun started to set in front of us. Then that butler came again. I asked him “Is it time to go?” and he replied, “I am afraid so, but you can return when you are ready...”. Next second I woke up in my bed. I reached for the right side of the bed trying to reach my girlfriend, to wake her up and tell her about my amazing dream. But she was not there. I forgot for a second that she left.

I reached for my phone and checked the date. 12 of November, 8:34 in the morning. Three months and four days since she left. Three months and four days since the crash. I was never a religious person or the spiritual type. I always believed that life is just a mistake and death is the way the universe fixes it. But this dream hit me hard. It didn’t make me a believer, far from it, but it did make me think that there is a chance, a small chance that that beach is somewhere, out there, in this world or the next.

I can’t think of a better dream to be my last…

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