Tudor George Ciubotaru: AorianScribe, creator of Afaris Universe



My name is Tudor George Ciubotaru, but I am also known as the Aorian Scribe.

Half of the time I am the administrator of a real estate company in Romania and the other half I am a writer.

I finished the school of informatics Tudor Vianu and the law university of Titu Maiorescu. My greatest achievement is bringing Afaris to this world.

I have been a reader since I learned how to read and a writer since I learned how to write.

I read books from Harry Potter and Narnia to The Prince and My Fight.

I started writing short stories and poetry when I was 8, continued to write short novels and stories till high school and when I was 16 I wrote my first book.

My writing skill was terrible back then, that’s the main reason I never showed anyone any of my works.

But soon after I reached the age of 21 I quit my last job as a real estate agent and decided to do what I wanted to do for many years: publish my first book, Afaris.

I did not spend a second thinking what to write.

This was already set long before I decided to write again. Did I forgot to mention what my first book that I wrote when I was 16 was?

Yes, it seems so. It was about Afaris and as soon as I finished writing it I knew two things:

  • My writing skills needed more practice;
  • The story is amazing.

And thus, I fell in love with it, with the story of Afaris.

I promised myself that I will practice my writing and that one day I will share his story with the world in the proper way.

Ever since that day I spent my time developing his story, till 1 book in my mind became 10 and reading everything about writing a book.

In other words, Afaris is the product of over 5 years of careful planning and developing, it is without a doubt my greatest achievement… so far.

Did I tell you that Afaris 2 is coming soon?