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Stories by TGC (2) – The old & the shepherd

A few decades ago, back in communist Romania, there was an old lady living in a small hut in the forest. She had no family, no friends and she lived mostly by what she could find in the forest. Every day she went out gathering mushrooms, berries, wood, just the

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Stories by TGC (1) – Elias

A short story based on real history: A long time ago lived a big and powerful wolf. He was the leader of a great pack that lived in the mountains. For many years, the pack hunted in those mountains, eat together, slept together and defended each other, guided by their

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How I became a writer (6) – We have a go

From the moment an author starts writing, he starts dreaming of certain milestones: writing the last chapter, first fan etc. Last week I managed to reach a milestone that I have been working for many months: the official launch of Afaris in Romania. First, there was a smaller event in

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Characters & History of Afaris 5: The fruit

This huge fruit can only be found in the Nest, the sacred sanctuary of the Nymphs. It is quite large in size, bigger than an Aorian and it is told that it tastes quite well, but the fruit is more famous for its hallucinogenic effect. Those who eat it fall

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Characters & History of Afaris 4: The hidden forest

It is hard to talk about this place without giving any spoilers, that’s why I will keep its location secret. This is the Secret Forest, a portal between Aora and Pandoras Garden. Everything here is made of energy, the trees, the grass. The crystals blooming on the branches of the

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Characters & History of Afaris 3: Afaris

Afaris is the last son of Saraf and Calis and the main character in the story. Even though at first sight there is nothing special about him, throughout the story his personality changes a lot. If at first, he was a fragile boy barely able to control his powers, in

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