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My Last Dream

I went to sleep last night and I started to dream. You know how it goes, places you’ve never been, people you never saw, conversations that are quickly forgotten. But at one point I landed on a beach. It was sunny and hot, the sun was slightly burning my naked

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Stories by TGC (3) – Hero

Once there was a boy who was left on the stairs of an orphanage. He was 3 years old at that time, which was very strange since most children are abandoned at more fragile ages, but his parents explained that they had to leave the country immediately, that it is

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How I became a writer (8) – Writer’s block

Write’s block, writer’s block, every writer fearing the writer’s block… The only time I had this problem was at the start of Afaris: Shadows on Aora. Why didn’t I encounter this problem after that, even though I wrote 800+ pages? because I found the secret on how to overpass this

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Stories by TGC (2) – The old & the shepherd

A few decades ago, back in communist Romania, there was an old lady living in a small hut in the forest. She had no family, no friends and she lived mostly by what she could find in the forest. Every day she went out gathering mushrooms, berries, wood, just the

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Stories by TGC (1) – Elias

A short story based on real history: A long time ago lived a big and powerful wolf. He was the leader of a great pack that lived in the mountains. For many years, the pack hunted in those mountains, eat together, slept together and defended each other, guided by their

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