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Characters & History of Afaris 1: Hathim

Hathim is by far the most mysterious character in the Afaris world so far. We have little information about him… or it, we do not know what exactly is he, if he is a god or just a powerful creature, if he comes from this world or another, but the

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How I became a writer (4) – Hopes and dreams

As I finished reading Afaris, I realized that the story had huge potential. The story could be a masterpiece, best there ever was, but in the small country of Romania, all hopes and dreams are lost. Here, the story would die for sure. I had to take it out in

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How I became a writer (3) – The right time

Over the next few years, I continued to develop the story in my mind. One book became three, three became five and in the end, when everything was in place, Afaris became a ten book series, all stored in my mind, all the main events, all the connections, characters, plots

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How I became a writer (2) – Brilliance under water

As I reached my teenage years, my taste for books changed. Even though I continued to read fantasy and SF stories, my real passion proved to be in occult books. Real world, as we know it, became boring, but the things that were theoretical or even mystical became to fascinate

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how I became a writer- the idea

How I became a writer (1) – The idea

I learned how to read and write at the age of seven when I was in school. Despite the fact that I hated school and learning in general, soon I developed a passion for books. Starting with my eight year of life I began to read most of the time and all

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