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Afaris – Shadows on Aora


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ENGLISH – paperback

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Afaris: Shadows on Aora
Afaris: Shadows on Aora

reviews: 5

ratings: 25 (avg rating 4.12)




When Afaris discovers the corpse of a mutilated Nymph on a journey, Saraf, his father, the leader of the Aorians realizes that his prophecy is unavoidable. War will soon start between the Aorians and the magnificent Nymphs.


His fear becomes even greater when he discovers that on Aora strange new energy pits are emerging out of thin air, pouring a mystic and malevolent energy onto the planet and it corrupts those who fall pray to it, going insane and bloodthirsty.


Thus, he starts a diplomatic campaign in an attempt to prevent the war, but also prepares his people for the worst. Afaris starts a special training with his father, enhancing his abilities beyond imagination, becoming a living weapon that will serve a great purpose in the war to come.


When the war eventually starts, the inhabitants of Aora become separated in different groups. Some are corrupted and hunt the others, some try to survive, some try to win the war while others try to restore peace. But nothing is at it seems, as Pandora said:


‘The true enemy is lurking in the shadows’.