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How I became a writer (6) – We have a go

From the moment an author starts writing, he starts dreaming of certain milestones: writing the last chapter, first fan etc. Last week I managed to reach a milestone that I […]

How I became a writer (5) – Fail and success

Everything was finally ready in January 2018. The website: all the pages, all the plugins, all the pictures, a few articles to start with, the Paypal integration, the order processing, […]

How I became a writer (4) – Hopes and dreams

As I finished reading Afaris, I realized that the story had huge potential. The story could be a masterpiece, best there ever was, but in the small country of Romania, […]

How I became a writer (3) – The right time

Over the next few years, I continued to develop the story in my mind. One book became three, three became five and in the end, when everything was in place, […]

How I became a writer (2) – Brilliance under water

As I reached my teenage years, my taste for books changed. Even though I continued to read fantasy and SF stories, my real passion proved to be in occult books. […]

How I became a writer (1) – The idea

I learned how to read and write at the age of seven when I was in school. Despite the fact that I hated school and learning in general, soon I […]